02 July 2011

Hydrolyzed Collagen the supplements for joints specific

          Hydrolyzed Collagen is considered a protein and many amino acids are required in the body of horses, including bone and cartilage for equine. So, it is supplement for joint specific. Hydrolyzed Collagen is collagen that has been purified and is divided into small units of the protein is easily digested and absorbed.

          Hydrolyzed collagen supplement can help those suffering from osteoarthritis. When joint rubs against joint, the pain is extreme. Collagen supplement is the main ingredient needed to rebuild joint cartilage. It was also shown to increase bone density and improve joints function for equine

          The dosages required to get this effect in a horse may need as much as 40,000 mg a day. However, there are no any researches showing a combination of hydrolyzed collagen and other extra ingredients available.