17 July 2011

Antioxidants for joint your equine (part 2)

           All this is just an example of some common antioxidants used for joint pain supplements, and their major functions, are listed below.

Vitamin C
          Vitamin C can binds to nitrates. Which nitrates play a role in the development of some cancers. In addition, vitamin C is
also essential for cartilage and other connective tissues in joint, but only the right amount. Because, if it excessive amounts may be damage cartilage.

          Selenium is a trace element needed to the production of thyroid hormone that can affect equine growth rates and aids in cell growth. These supplements are an essential nutrient to synthesize glutathione peroxidase. Glutathione is an important antioxidant enzyme, which play a role in the protection against free radical damage.

Copper and Zinc 
          Zinc is help protecting cell membranes from injury from free radicals and maintains the health of them. Copper plays a key role in connective tissue formation for equine joint. Both are involved important antioxidant enzyme systems.

Vitamin E
          Vitamin E is fat soluble and group of eight antioxidants. These supplements can protect the lipids from oxidative damage by attaching itself to the fatty layer in cell membranes. It also aids healthy nerve and muscle function for your equine. It is appropriate to vitamins for joints.