11 July 2011

Adequan supple for joints

          Adequan, also known as Polysulfated glycosaminoglycans(PSGAG). PSGAG prepared from bovine tracheal cartilage. It is approved for IM use in equines for the control of signs associated with noninfectious degenerative. Adequan supplement for joint
may be a good solution if you do think your horse does not like eat oral supplements or may not absorb them, because it is a water based injectable.

          Adequan is specially used to treat diseases of the joints of horses. It works to prevent and stop any activity detrimental to joint that as a result of the inflammation. In addition, PSGAG stimulates the synthesis of cartilage and inhibits the production of chemicals causing the pain. 

        It is suitable for horses that are injured as a result of trauma or too much exercise or older horses in heavy work and supplement for joint as well. So it is found the supplement that serves to relieve pain and stimulate the synthesis of cartilage the same time.