03 August 2011

Legend : The equine joint supplement for a horses hard workout.

           Legend is an intravenous injection that a clear and colorless solution of low viscosity. Legend (or hyaluronate sodium) is the sodium salt of pure hyaluronic acid, which similar to the glycosaminoglycan present in normal joint fluid. This equine joint supplement is the only FDA approved intravenous equine joint therapy and

           The Legend has been proven that it can reduce inflammation and destructive enzymes associated with inflammation. It is the first choice of more equine veterinarians for used in the healing of degenerative joint disease and inflammation. Because, a quick onset of action resulting in a rapid decrease in inflammation.

          The equine joint supplement legend is produced by a patented biofermentation process and it can be directly injected into an intravenous to be absorbed immediately. The legend can be used when the horse is sore after a particularly hard workout or other activities.